Access to the groups at this page is restricted to members of the Wisconsin Brewers Guild. Membership information is available at wibrewersguild.com


Welcome to the Wisconsin Brewers Guild Groups page. These groups function as a combination email listserve and web-based message board. Members can post to groups interchangeably via this website or by email. Both options are simultaneously available at all times.

All emails sent to a group email address will be received by members of that group and will simultaneously appear as posts to the same group at this website. Conversely, all posts to a group at this website by group members will be sent to the group via email. You have the ability to do both, stick with one method only, or opt for custom settings for each group to which you belong. You can customize how you access information.

Emails and posts made to Public groups can be seen by the public. For Private groups, the public can see that the group exists but they cannot see any of your posts or emails that are sent to those groups. Only members of Private groups have the ability to see posts that are made to Private groups.